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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

There had to be more:)

Yep, if this bores you, I'll have something more fun on soon.  Much of the preparation work for anything is fraught with details and minutia.  Just because I described what it takes to convert a tiller motor over to a remote control unit, I thought, lest any important details are left out, I would let my readers know that the choke on the MFC20C Tohatsu is manual.  In order to start the motor, one has to be able to choke it remotely.
So I am waiting for the last order to arrive.  It is for the choke solenoid, bracket, link rod, spring pin and various screws.  With this and the help of my favorite old time marine repair shop down in Decatur, the job will finally be done.
I found a stick steering unit on Ebay and it is also on its way.  So happy to have these mysteries and problems solved.
By the way, my paint job on Belle, my SeaPearl 28 trailerable boat is almost done.  This has been an all summer project getting Belle ready to sell.  Did I mention I hate painting?  Especially the removing all the hardware, sanding, filling and sanding some more.  To spare you a recitation of the entire miserable process I will just say, I am happy to be nearly over it. Well, I've been over it for quite some time.
I sold several expensive pieces of ham radio gear.  I still have two boats to sell, but I'm thinking I may be able to go over and work on Shallow-Minded for a month in October.  I plan to mount the motor, finish painting the deck, do the bottom job and get the boat ready for the water in the spring.  Retirement is turning out to be a lot of work:)
As an update, the final solution was that a carburetor for a remote control unit is unique.  I had to replace the hand choke carburetor with a solenoid ready carb.
I now have everything done.  It chokes both remotely and manually which I think is quite a feat!  I'll show closeups when I get to North Carolina and start the work of installing the motor.

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