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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sea You There sailing buddies tour Shallow Minded

Steve and Ginny (and George), our friends who have traveled via SeaPearl 21 sailboat from Florida to Central America and the rivers of South America are back to visit with us and pick up their cart and trailer.  Thurston their beloved SeaPearl 21 came to grief while attempting a landing on the North shore of Hispaniola.
Our other sailing friends, Genise and Bernard and Diana and Jeff came over to share stories and tour Shallow Minded.  A very enjoyable visit was had by all.

After a pleasant pot luck lunch the group checks out our newly refurbished SeaPearl 21.  Bernard is in the final stages of finishing a John Welsford Pathfinder.  We all plan to meet at Cedar Key for the annual Small Boat gathering the first weekend in May.

I'm working on refinishing all the spars.  I decided to remove all varnish and use Sikken's Cetol Marine from here on.  I will coat with 4 coats.  The advantage is that Cetol for the most part does not have to be stripped off and can be re-coated with a little abrasion for tackiness.

The new Bimini is just exactly the right width but too tall and too long.  I have cut down the bows and am having the canvas top shortened by 10 inches.  It should fit well when I finish.


  1. How about an update. Anything happen in the last month? 😎

  2. Nice boat... enjoyed your posts. I have aBolger long micro see vid We sail it out of the Gulf of Thailand. Great boat.