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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thoughts on heating

I feel very fortunate to have this fine solid fuel stove aboard.  It is a Ratelco Cole Stove, model 130-1655-C.  As a solid fuel stove it is designed for both wood and coal.  I  have been investigating the sources for anthracite coal (hard, clean).  I have come up with very few.

Coal is more readily available to consumers in the NE USA.  The sources are generally for black-smithing or personal heating.  The UK seems to have a pretty good supply, better than the US.
One of the sources is Buy Coal Online.  Another is, believe it or not, Tractor supply.  I haven't figured out how to order it from Tractor Supply but the Buy Coal Online source ships several different sizes for prices that include shipping.
Anthracite coal is clean burning without smoke and yields the most BTU per pound of any fuel source.
I don't plan on going north in the winter, but even in the south temperatures can plummet in the winter as far south as the Everglades. Remember the fish kill in the glades in 2011.  It would be nice to have heat available.
I'll post the results when I do buy the coal and show my storage strategies. 

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