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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Shallow Minded gets a bow door.

I never really liked the wide open nose. Even Bolger admitted that the bow well could stir up a pretty big swirl in situations like going to windward. 
My idea was to make a demountable hinged door that allowed for anchoring and mast raising. 

I added handles to take it off with and two sliding bolts to keep it closed

I used four demountable hinges.  This door opens for mast raising and removes for anchoring.  The anchor line is secured to the kevel which is at deck level.  I have a opening snatch block coming to hold the line in a low position to help keep the boat from skittering (searching) around thee anchorage. 

Right now the weather is really nasty in Georgia.  I'm mostly doing in shop tasks trying not to succumb to the winter blues.