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Friday, May 29, 2015

Working out the details

I finally mastered the art of connecting with MC4 connecters for solar power.  These connecters are completely water proof and ideal for the marine environment.

This is my second semi-flexible 100 watt panel.  Note that the seller installed stainless grommets in the ends and center.  This panel will be suspended on the Bimini supported by a somewhat stiff backing and tied to the frame of the Bimini.
I have secured a 12 gallon fuel tank to a mount in the flooded well.  There will be another 12 gallon tank somewhat forward which I will detail soon. 
The Sealect2 inch tie down eye straps are used to secure the 2 inch webbing which is closed with a snap system used for kayaks.

I affixed a Garmin 78 mount next to the navigation computer so as to have GPS redundancy.
This water tight connector provides power and a data connection.  My route information can be used to direct correction commands via NMEA 0183 sentencing.  This is a 4 pin connector so the second set of connecters are used to provide a connection the the NMEA bus system.  I use the brown wire which is the NMEA talker.  A nice secondary benefit is that I will wire a second 4 pin connector with power only to provide 12 volts to a portable anchor light. I have already detailed the automatic anchor light system.  I just feel better with a light more at deck level so that power boaters will be more directly aware of my presence.

 Here is the adapter cable for the Garmin 78. The internal batteries can be used (and I keep an abundant supply) in the event of power loss. 
I work out my routes on OPEN CPN and can upload identical routes to both systems. 

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