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Sunday, June 7, 2015

I'm working on finishing the Spindrift 11N nesting dinghy to be Shallow Minded's tender.  Looks like the Interlux Perfection went on pretty nice.  I believe I have somewhere around 6 coats of Primer under 4 coats of Perfection.  I find it takes a lot of paint to get good results.  Between my mistakes and filling in the imperfections it seems to go on and on.

This was my first bottom job.  It just didn't seem like it came up high enough and just looked funny.

I'm using the laser level to re-level the boat and move the line up 2 and 1/2 inches.

This seems a lot better to me.  I will be taking it up some time this week to have it measured for GA DNR registration. 

Swift on the spare trailer.  Waiting for name and DNR numbers as well as the striping tape to finish.  When it is all done will disassemble and finish the water line on the facing halves.  At that point she is ready to load on the foredeck of Shallow Minded.

Inside view of Swift.  Just need to install the oar collars and she is ready to row.

I got 125 lbs of Anthracite coal for Shallow Minded's multi-fuel stove.  I loaded two 25 lb boxes on board to ward of chilly day's this next winter.  Word has it that it can get a bit nippy even in the Everglades.  Remember the big fish kill in 2009 from freezing temps down there?
I have ordered 8 six-inch cleats for Shallow Minded's gunnels to make short term docking easier.  Anything requiring strength of course, gets attached to the kevels. 
In August I will start the loading process.  Meanwhile Shallow Minded gets a good cleaning and goes back in the shelter where I will apply one more coat of anti-skid.
 Dinghy name in place

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