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Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Swing Stove

I had one of these on my Rob Roy 23 way back in 1996.  I always wanted another.  It works so well both at anchorage and especially under way.

They are scarce as "hens teeth" on the open market.  I happened to run into one on Ebay and bought it immediately for the asking price of $150.  Tell you the truth if they made them today, they would be more that that. 

I was particularly interested to see if my pressure cooker would fit.  Well it does, sort of.  I may get a smaller cooker that fits in full swing mode.  Pressure cookers, by-the-way are the cats meow for cooking aboard.  They save a lot of gas.  If you "pre" cook, that is heat it up and let it sit, they save even more. 
If you ever see one of these, buy it! 


  1. I published this years ago on my blog...

  2. Very nice and simple approach to DIY! Cheers