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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Repowering with new batteries and solar panels

New Shine 100 watt semi-flexible  solar panel from emarine.  Mounted on the curve of the doghouse to port of the companionway.

MC4 connectors for solar.  New experience for me.
Connectors were mounted staggered so as to reduce the cross section.  Heat shrink with sealing glue covers the entire connection.

Once again the hoist is a life savor.  The three new group 31 Duracell batteries will provide a total of 315 amp hours.  giving me  net 105 amp hours per day at no more than 70 percent drop.

The batteries are a whopping 67.2 lbs a piece.  Quite a lift for one arm!

I'll be ordering a new charge controller and another 100 watt semi-flex 100 watt panel when I get the Bimini which will support the second panel.  All told we will have 300 watts giving us an easy 18 amps per hour charge.  On sunny days we will remain 100 percent charged. 

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