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Sunday, February 15, 2015

AS-29 fan and avid blog reader visits the boatyard

Long awaited visit by Bill  and Lydia Henderson with their grand daughters Lily and Lainey.

Not only is Bill a big fan of all things boat building and sailing, he and his wife are ham radio operators. They hail from Cahutta, Georgia near Dalton, Chattanooga and the Georgia-Tennessee border.  Bill has built and is learning to sail a $200 sailboat for which he stitched his own poly-tarp sail.

Karen and I proudly gave the boatyard tour of Shallow Minded, Ember's Watch and the new-to-us SeaPearl 21 which remains yet unnamed.

Speaking of Ember's Watch, Bill Moffitt the builder came by the day before and did a boatyard tour.  We had a great time discussing our plans and dreams.  I love like-minded visitors.  It re-enforces our efforts to get through the outfitting stage and on to the adventure stage.
Karen bought these 60 inch pillows as backrests for the settee.  There are a little on the short side but the next size up would have encroached on the ports.  They were only $20 apiece online.
It's freezing cold in north Georgia right now.  As I said to Karen, the boatyard crew is on strike until the weather improves.

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  1. I just recognized the table and the toilet, this is Connie McBride's old, strike that, previous boat isn't it?