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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hiding the motor wiring: it's done!

Here are the tools I use to cut custom #4 Anchor starter motor cable.  The hydraulic press with its custom die really puts the cable ends on well.  First I trim then end with a knife.  Then I apply NO-OX grease to liberally to the end.  Next the crimper sets the end and finally, glue based heat shrink tubing is applied with the heat gun.  All connections are layered with NO-OX grease.

I am using 5/16 inch x #4 cable ends.  It finishes out nicely.

Here are the pass trough bedded terminals in the starboard cabinet.  They are bedded on the opposite side and are thus water proof.  Cable caps prevent shorts.

A good cable cutter is a must for nicely sheared ends. Cable moves forward under the bed
 through a slot into the aft inside locker
 up to the outside posts
And finally an exit just in front of the motor well

I'm not that happy about this run above the floor.  Unfortunately the previous wiring job of the light circuits in the rear of the boat would have to be replaced.  I am willing to live with a neatened up job for now.


  1. I love your boat! I have the plans for the AS29 and I am always debating the merits of the build. So I watching your build with a lot of interest.

  2. Hi William, I had planned to build one as well and then abandoned it due to the my intolerance for long projects and my doubts about handling the huge side panels. I was happy to run upon one that was already built. As I deal with "other peoples mistakes," I often wonder if I could have avoided a lot of the problems I face by building to my needs to start with. On balance, the refit is nearing completion. I look forward to the day this blog carries the story of her adventures, rather than her rebirth.