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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Solar and battery upgrades redux

I've pretty much had it with the MC4 connectors.  They are very tricky to put on and any miscalculation makes the installation fail.  I measured the voltage on my incoming cable ...Nada.

So I cut those 'darn things off.  Butt splicing works great with a good dose of NO-OX ID to prevent oxidation. Everything is shrink wrap again, this time with black that looks better.  The confused cable mess is much better. 
By the way the voltage out in my garage with ambient light is 15.5 volts.

Believe me, getting three 76 lb batteries secured was no small accomplishment.  But all 228 lbs of them is locked down tight and back on the charger. 

Now, for the solar charge unit and display to come!

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